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Name Publisher/Publication Source
A Life in the Day: work and daytime opportunities for people who use mental health services Publication OAKList
A S C I L I T E Publisher OAKList
ACORN Journal Publication OAKList
AETA Journal Publication OAKList
ANZAME: The Association for Health Professional Education Publisher OAKList
AQ - Australian Quarterly Publication OAKList
ARRB Group Ltd Publisher OAKList
ASAA E-Journal of Asian Linguistics and Language Teaching Publication OAKList
ASHM Journal Club Publication OAKList
ASOR Bulletin Publication OAKList
AUMLA: Journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association Publication OAKList
AWARE Journal Publication OAKList
Aboriginal History Publication OAKList
Aboriginal History Inc. Publisher OAKList
Academic Global Publications P/L Publisher OAKList
Academy Publisher Publisher OAKList
Access Publication OAKList
Access : History Publisher OAKList
Access : History Publication OAKList
Accounting, Accountability & Performance Publication OAKList
Accounting, Accountability & Performance Publisher OAKList
Action Research International Publisher OAKList
Action Research International Publication OAKList
Adelaide Law Review Publication OAKList
Adelaide Law Review Association Publisher OAKList
Adult Learning Australia Publisher OAKList
Advances in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Publication OAKList
Advances in Technology of Materials and Materials Processing Journal Publication OAKList
African Journal of Information and Communication Technology (AJICT) Publication OAKList
Agenda: A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform Publication OAKList
Agricultural Science Publication OAKList
Alphacrucis Publisher OAKList
Alternative Law Journal Publication OAKList
Altitude Publisher OAKList
Altitude Publication OAKList
American Marketing Association Publisher OAKList
American Podiatric Medical Association Publisher OAKList
American Real Estate Society Publisher OAKList
Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Publication OAKList
Ancient History: Resources for Teachers Publication OAKList