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Guides to Open Access Publishing

Guides to Open Access Publishing

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Customized Guides are available for Authors, Publishers and Repositories.


Authors can download a copy of "Understanding Open Access in the Academic Environment : A Guide for Authors" from the Queensland University of Technology's ePrints site at : http://eprints.qut.edu.au/archive/00013935/02/13935.pdf

Publishers and Authors

A number of model agreements have been drafted by legally qualified members of the OAKList team. These agreement balance an author's interest in making versions of their article available through open access and the publisher's interest in being the first publisher of the authors work.

Note: These agreements are provided under the terms of the OAKList Disclaimer page. They may not suit all publishing situations but can be amended by you as required.

  • Model agreement - Author(s) retain copyright. Publisher is granted a period of an exclusive licence

Additionally, you may wish to consider using the model publishing agreement drafted by members of the OAK Law legal Research project :

http://www.oaklist.qut.edu.au/files/Friday5December2008OAKLawSamplePublishing Agreement DRAFT 3_12_08.pdf


Repositories can download a copy of the OAK Law Repositories Guide in PDF form directly from this site. Download the PDF version of the document here.

If you are a publisher and you believe that the record that we have created about your agreement or policies is incorrect, please advise us by clicking on the "Update this Record" link in the record or by sending an email to oaklist@qut.edu.au.